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Online Auction Terms and Conditions 

By placing a bid on an item, each bidder agrees to these auction rules:

1. The auction will open at 08:00hrs on 28 September and close at 17:00hrs on 30 September 2020. Successful bidder will be notified after this time. 

2. By placing a bid you are entering into an agreement to purchase the item at the offered price. 

3. The highest bid will be deemed to be the successful bid. In the extreme case of where an entry error has occurred, please contact us for the retraction of your bid. If this occurs, we reserve the right to offer the item to the second highest bidder. 

4. Payment for items purchased must be made in full to Pupkewitz Motors, 3 (three) days after the bid, either by cash transfer by purchaser or if financed by the financing bank. If this does not take place within said period, the vehicle will be offered to the next highest bidder. 

5. The Purchaser shall not be entitled to take delivery of the vehicle until payment of the full purchase price has been made to Pupkewitz Motors and the Purchaser is in possession of an invoice from Pupkewitz Motors stating that the Purchaser has paid the purchase. 

6. Vehicle will be sold only above the minimum asking bid. 

7. Pupkewitz Motors reserves the right to add or withdraw items, without notice, to or from the auction. 

8. The Purchaser acknowledges that he/she/it has inspected the auction vehicle, noted the condition and state thereof, and is satisfied with the vehicle. Vehicle can be viewed before the auction.

9. Bids can be placed at https://www.pupkewitzmotorsauction.com/

10. All personal information shared will remain confidential.